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On April 30th and May 1st, Chicago will be "our kind of town"! The annual Pipe and Tobacciana Show will be lighting up for two days of pipes, tobacco and friendship. Rolando has created many new pipes just for the event and this will be a rare opportunity to see so large a selection all in one place. We are re-visiting and re-imagining some of the classic shapes from the past and you will see an array of walnuts along with a variety of new takes on important themes. But wait! There is even more news! Rolando has created a new series called Xo and this shape conceptually evokes some of the most subtly challenging vocabulary in the entire cannon. Think of a forward canted cherrywood pierced and leaning for support. Think of a cathedral with a flying buttress. Think of a solid sitting X made up of the essential elements of the smoking pipe extended and teased into functional sculpture. The Xo's, a number of other new pipes and Rolando will all be in Chicago for the show and we hope to see you there!

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