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The Gerald Ford Party - The April 1st Blog

We at Atelier Rolando have momentous news to report. At this writing, Alexandra will be taking an indefinite hiatus from her art work and Rolando will be giving up pipe making, metal work and bread making. The reason for this is that we have decided that given the current political situation it is our responsibility to launch a new party and new candidates for president and vice president. Accordingly we are announcing here the formation of the Gerald Ford Party (he was a loyal pipe smoker after all) and the candidacy of Alexandra Negoita for president and Rolando Negoita for vice president. The question of whether either candidate was born in the US should bother no one since, apparently, neither our current president nor Ted Cruz were born here either... and, even more apparently, Donald Trump does not seem even to be able to claim citizenship anywhere on this planet or, indeed, this solar system. Our platform is yet to be determined and is subject to immediate and total revision. The vital point here is that as soon as we can figure out how to do it we will be adding a "donate here" button to the website so that all of you responsible citizens can contribute whatever you are able to our new Super PAC. I have been offered the position of Secretary of Navy due to my fondness for Navy Flake and I humbly accept. Please do continue to purchase pipes as usual on the website and we will soon be offering tee-shirts, bumper stickers and yard signs to compliment your purchase. See you in November!

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