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A new member

We are excited to announce we have added a new member to the Atelier Rolando team. Warren Wigutow is our new Head of Social Media Communications, and we look forward to his beautifully written posts and newsletters to come.

Clockwise from left: Rolando Negoita, Warren Wigutow, Luka Negoita, Rob Norris, Kemp Battle, and Alexandra Negoita behind the lens.

note from Warren Wigutow:

I would like to thank Rolando and Alexandra for welcoming me into their wonderland of food, pipes, knives, drawing, painting, carpentry, metal smithing and conversation. In essence a nexus of art in many shapes and forms. I would also like to thank them for giving me the most impressive sounding title I have ever had. Given that I am frequently anti-social, often uncommunicative and woefully media challenged, I suspect that Rolando's request that I do this and my agreeing to same both had their genesis in a fine bottle of Bruichladdich. And when Rolando said it would involve good bread, I didn't realize that he was speaking literally. Alexandra has unearthed a photo of a jam session from a few years ago in Rolando's studio. It is clear that I am in some sort of pain but am receiving comfort from the wonderful folks around me.... and that's just it, isn't it? I am extremely happy to be able to add my two cents in support of these wonderful folks and wonderful artists. This is an Atelier, yes, but it is first and foremost a home. I hope we will get a chance to welcome you all to this virtual hearth many times in the days ahead.

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