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Atelier Rolando in Las Vegas, 2015

As the temperatures drop in the Catskills and the hills burst with color, many of us are squirreling away stores for the winter. Rolando has been putting aside a stash of new pipes in many shapes and sizes. This hoard is so extensive and nourishing for the soul, he's decided that it would be downright stingy if he didn't allow others to have a chance to share in the bounty. The West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas, NV November 7th & 8th, 2015 seemed like a perfect place to show folks the fruit of several months of tending the furrows.

Sneak peak of a "Sailor's Dream"...

He will have a "Sailor's Dream" for the adventurous seafarers, a large Canadian for... well... possibly a large Canadian, gourds for the harvest and Conductas, of course, just in case the plumbing freezes. This is just a taste. We promise a horn (there will be one of those too) of plenty filled with more of Rolando's work than you've seen for a long time. Come and visit us in Las Vegas, and come hungry!

And for those of you that cannot wait until November, we have a special selection of two new pipes on our Pipes page.

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