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The Conducta Series

My new series of pipes is called Conducta. The name derives from the Romanian term for a conduit or passage where some form of matter or energy passes from one chamber to another. The English word “to conduct” has a very similar connotation.

This is the new generation of Pipe-Pipes and is a variation on the principle of the gourd calabash. I have engineered these pipes so that the smoke from the tobacco chamber will pass through a “cooling chamber” in the shank before being delivered to the stem. In addition to cooling, this chamber will act to decant and filter the smoke as well. The chamber is easily maintained and needs only to be wiped out periodically with a tissue.

As I worked on the design of this pipe, it became clear to me that feather

light titanium rings would serve as the perfect compliment. These must be hand turned and the material is very hard to process and to manipulate, but I believe that the result is well worth it

I spent about a month smoking the prototype two to three times a day and was thrilled with the outcome. It delivered a cool, dry smoke and even seemed to enhance the tobacco flavors. The Conducta is a new development in pipe design that is both easy to care for and has surprisingly defied the traditional concept of the equal diameter airhole.


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